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Where do Eastern Europeans go on holiday in 2023?

The trend towards Greek hotspots such as Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes or Crete cannot be stopped in Eastern European countries. Dubai, Egypt, Turkey and the long-haul destinations Mexico, Mauritius, Maldives and Zanzibar continue to be very well booked holiday destinations.

The Czechs and Slovaks take advantage of the proximity to Vienna Airport for long-distance flights to the USA, Africa or the Indian Ocean with daily departures to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Qatar with Arab airlines.

In addition, there are very good daily transport connections with feeder flights to the hubs of Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Paris for long-distance flights.

Charter flights and scheduled flights from all major airports in Romania, Poland, Hungary or Bulgaria have been the order of the day for a few years now. For example, in Romania alone there are 2023 charter flights from all 14 airports to popular locations on the Mediterranean in the high season.

Hotspot Greece

As Greece is relatively close to the countries mentioned above, it attracts more and more self-drive tourists every year. Especially the region of Katerini, the peninsula of Halkidiki, the islands of Thassos and Lemnos have been self-drive destinations for the above-mentioned country markets for a few years now and enjoy more tourists year after year. Why ? On the Black Sea (Bulgaria, Romania) tourism has not developed. The hotels and regions have stood still in their development. High hotel prices, expensive food, noise, cleanliness. For years, people profited from the locals and changed nothing. The motto is "It goes on as it is". But for a few years now, a holiday in Greece or Turkey (even including a flight) has been cheaper than a holiday in one's own country. Tourism at the sea in one's own country has failed.

and yes also the Romanian stars love Greece:

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