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Top 5 reasons why travelling makes us happy

Yesterday was the #international Day of Happiness and one of the things, that gives us this wholesome feeling is to travel the world. To explore unknown places, beautiful landscapes and learn about culture as well as cuisine. Even scientists are sure about that and therefore, we collected the five most important reasons, why we need to travel to increase our happiness.

#1 Through travelling we build connections

On our journey we meet new people with similar interests, get to know each other and make friends around the globe. Socialisation and exchanging minds give us new ideas and inspiration. We become more open minded and tolerant, which enlarges our creativity and vision of life itself.

#2 Travel is the only action we spend money on but get richer

It’s common sense that the value of experiences is much higher than of possessing material things. The money we spend on vacation, adventures and the connected memories is way better invested than in buying things because the satisfaction we get from good experiences is increasing over the years, while the satisfaction of possessions decreases.

#3 We become more confident and aware of ourselves

This is because we are offered many different opportunities and challenges during the time abroad. There will always be some unforeseen situations we will learn and grow from. And knowing to be able to handle these will have a huge impact on the way we feel about ourselves.

#4 Life is a learning process and travelling gives you the lessons

Wherever you will spend you next vacation, you can be sure that you will learn something new and expand your knowledge. Whether it is something about the language, native citizen, the culture itself or a really delicious recipe that you can spoil your friends at home with. That’s why we love to travel – because our brains rewire.

#5 The more we travel the healthier we stay

Our whole organism profits from travelling. First of all, we become relaxed and our stress levels will decrease everyday we spend time away. During vacation we can take a step back, calm down and give our mind as well as our body the break they need. But furthermore, it keeps us young physically. There are studies that show that people who travel more are less likely to develop a heart disease.


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