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Public relations, reputation management, brand awareness: PR is much more than "just" media relations. Those who know us know that we put our heart and soul into bringing out the best for our clients and always surprise them with new, creative ideas. In our blog, we reveal what PR can do - from A to Z.

A for article: They are the desired result of media work. However, the work is not done with a media release alone. With gripping storylines and unique content, we find the right place in the right medium for our clients and their products.

B for Briefing: Whether internal or external, briefing or debriefing - our clear and detailed briefings help customers, partners, VIPs and also team members to implement what has been agreed as desired and to avoid misunderstandings.

C for Content: Content is key! Whether video, photo, text or sound, whether for the media or channels of our customers: We know what content is needed for a successful story and can also deliver it thanks to our competent partners.

D for distribution: If content is created, you have to think about the distribution strategy. Content can be played on several channels: from Social Media via blogs to the media. This way you can get the most out of a story and tell it simultaneously on different platforms. Often, a format adaptation or a short or long version is already enough for this.

E like Event: Whether it's a party, a customer event, a trade fair appearance or a roundtable - we plan and organise every event with great attention to detail and exciting programmes that provide really good material for stories.

F for photos: A picture is worth a thousand words. Sure, we're good with words, but often messages coupled with an emotional image stay in the memory longer. We like to produce both at the same time, so that we can already deliver a finished story to the media.

G for Guerilla: With creativity, good planning, the right timing and our unconventional approach, we can always make our clients stand out from the crowd and become the number one topic of conversation.

H for homepage: Nowadays, a professional online presence is indispensable. Because the first impression counts. We are happy to take a closer look at the Internet presence of our customers and support them in optimizing it.

I like ideas: Ideas. Content. Stories. The order of our agency motto already shows the importance we give to ideas. Our ideas are our capital. They help us to reinvent our clients, their products and ourselves again and again and to develop unique stories from them.

J for journalists: You decide which story is published in the end. With our well thought-out stories, coupled with interesting content, we have been able to build up a close-knit network of journalists over the years who are always happy to draw on our input.

K for crisis communication: A crisis can have many faces, but communication always plays a role in managing it. We advise our clients in an emergency and help them to remain calm and proceed in a structured manner, even in emotionally stressful situations.

L for logo: Logos are much more than small pictures, they are the embodiment of a brand. Their importance should never be underestimated. That's why we don't just tell the stories of products and brands, we also create them: from positioning to launch, we take on all tasks related to the logo. Branding and corporate identity.

M for marketing: PR and marketing pursue the same goal: gaining attention. We deliberately define ourselves not as a PR agency, but as a storytelling and content agency. Because for us, the transition between the individual disciplines is fluid and we put together the package that best suits our clients - from classic PR to social media and online marketing to branding.

N for newsworthy: A story must be relevant to the public and the medium: topical, with a local connection, a celebrity or with a surprising and therefore exciting hook. That's why we create stories that people talk about and that editors like to pick up.

O for Opportunity: We love the saying "Making a mountain out of a molehill". As is often the case with successful PR campaigns, the right timing is the key to success. Behind many a current event lies a favourable opportunity for your own customers - you just have to be a little brave and let your creativity run free.

P for project management: Successful marketing must be learned. From planning, to implementation, to monitoring and completion: We manage our projects successfully and keep our clients informed at every stage. Thanks to our detailed working methods, efforts and successes are also traceable and measurable at all times.

Q for lateral thinking: Everything but ordinary! With our creative thinking strategy and experimental approach, we are always coming up with ideas for PR stunts for that even have viral potential.

R for Results: A common Prejudice says that PR agencies don't deliver measurable results. Wrong, we say: On the one hand, results can be measured by the number of media stories published and the ad equivalent value of the article. On the other hand, it is measurable by impacts on the client, such as an increased number of visitors on the website after a coverage and much more.

S like Storytelling It's not for nothing that we call ourselves a storytelling and content agency. Because everything has a story - every person, every product, every event. We find it and tell it where it will be heard and seen. Because we love to track down trends, trigger emotions and tell stories that move the public.

T as in texts: Not all texts are the same, not even in PR. From portraits to flyers and newsletters to social media postings or SEO-optimized web texts, we offer our clients the full range of our text expertise so that the format certainly fits the story.

U as in entertainment: The popularity of tabloid media shows: Today, media must not only inform, but also entertain. In this way, they meet our need for distraction and diversion. And this is exactly where we come in: with stories that make you forget everyday life and make you smile.

V for Video: Videos have become an indispensable part of our lives and their importance is also steadily increasing in everyday professional life: moving images are very much in vogue in the smartphone age. Thanks to our content know-how and our experienced partners, we are happy to implement all video formats, such as explainer videos Prank Videos or Trailer.

W for advertising: PR is not advertising, or is it? Cleverly packaged in editorial stories, we put our clients' products and topics in the media spotlight. A variation that benefits everyone: Cool content for the journalists, added value for the readers and attention for the customer.

X for Xtra-mile: Empty phrase? No way! We put our heart and soul into every project and like to go the "Xtra-mile" for our clients. So we also like to take time on a Saturday morning and celebrate at the premiere of the lion musical.

Y for Yeah! No criticism is praise enough? No. All successes, even small ones, deserve attention! So we celebrate our clients' successes like our own birthdays. And we also share the joy of milestones reached or personal highlights within the team - it's best to celebrate together anyway!

Z for goal setting: Not only our customers, but also we ourselves set goals. Namely S.M.A.R.T.e goals: Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Timed. In this way, we not only take on something, but also achieve it.

Although our alphabet has 26 letters, they are not nearly enough to show the whole variety of terms that are linked to PR work. Who wants to know more: we love to be contacted!

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