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7 myths about PR agencies and the truth behind themAgencies are expensive, can’t adapt  and are no

7 myths about PR agencies and the truth behind them

Agencies are expensive, can’t adapt and are non-transparent – we have been working in the PR industry for 30 years and are confronted with them every day: prejudices against PR agencies. But is there any truth to those myths? In this blog we will reveal the story behind the seven most common prejudices.

1. “PR agencies have a very long lead time”

Dozens of meetings followed by as many different concepts: It is said that PR agencies take forever until they start with their actual work. But we at Citypress PR can do both: detailed project planning as well as taking quick action depending on customer requirements.

2. “PR agencies always promise the world, but never deliver”

PR consultants are always sugarcoating things? Yes, we are good at talking – to journalists, influencers, photographers and catering companies. We put our heart and soul into every project and write thousands and thousands of emails, talk nonstop on the phone, celebrate a client’s success like our own birthday and most importantly: we deliver results.

3. “PR agencies only send out mass mailings”

Of course, PR agencies do use mailing tools to reach out to the media. But for us, the key to success is quality over quantity. Instead of swamping journalists with tons of media releases with no news value, we send them individual and tailor-made stories – by email and via telephone. To achieve this, we use our extensive network and check in advance which media has most interest in a specific topic.

4. “PR agencies are always trying to sell more”

Send out a media release, organise a media event, create a PR stunt and do everything at the same time? Sure, we would be happy and totally capable to do that, but only when it is necessary. If potential clients haven’t got an exciting story to tell or unique content to publish, we can’t offer anything to the media either. In case of lack of interesting content, we are always happy to create it for our clients. This way, they get content for their own channels in addition to media coverage.

5. “No one needs PR agencies – anyone can do their work”

Contacting media and influencers or sending out test products is definitely not a difficult task and therefore no reason to hire a PR agency. In addition, the addresses and contact details of editorial offices are easy to find online. But does doing it all by yourself get you the required results and support your corporate strategy? And will the media write an article about a product just because it is in their mailbox? We think that building long-term relationships with your target media and suitable influencers as well as campaigns with an elaborated strategy are way more efficient. In the end, we may be sending out fewer products, but every published article will hit the mark in return.

6. “PR agencies do not deliver results and if they do, they are impossible to measure”

If clients ask us to deliver measurable results, we are more than happy to do so. On one hand, the result of PR work can be measured by the number of articles published and the price the client would have paid for an advertisement of the same size. On the other hand, it can be measured via direct impacts such as an increased traffic on the website, requests for partnerships and much more. Which evaluation standard will be used at the end of a project is something that we define right at the beginning and, of course, in cooperation with our client.

7. “PR agencies have no transparency in terms of costs”

PR agencies have a reputation for regularly ripping off their clients and charging high commissions. Yes, we don’t work for free, but our work often costs only a fraction of what a client would have to pay for classic advertising. At the beginning of each project we set a fixed budget for all agency tasks with a corresponding catalogue of services. In addition, we always keep our clients informed about the current project status and budget. This way, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises at the end.

The two letters P and R contain much more than all the common prejudices against PR agencies suggest. Anyone who wants to find out if we really told the truth about the seven myths mentioned above can take a closer look at our storytelling and content agency, and contact us at any time – we look forward to combat all common prejudices!

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